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Republic Urban Properties


While California offers great investment opportunities, it also has one of the most restrained and tedious approval processes in the country regarding entitlements and development approvals.

We know our way around—and through—the red tape.

Republic Urban Properties, the West Coast division of the Republic Family of Companies, currently owns or controls over 2,300 multi-family units in San Jose, California and the Peninsula. In addition, through our extensive transit-oriented development pipelines, we’re involved in a number of projects in the public/private and private sector areas for acquisition and/or land joint venture partnerships.

Our decades of experience working closely with state, county, and city governments in the region has helped us successfully navigate the intricacies of the regulatory environment and play in integral role in making San Jose and the Peninsula one of the top three multifamily markets in the country.

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1098 Lincoln Avenue
San Jose, CA
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