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Plans Drafted For The Residence @ Napa Junction In American Canyon

October 2, 2022
Andrew Nelson, SF YIMBY

New plans have been drafted for a 453-unit residential development in the city of American Canyon in Napa County. The project, addressed as 1000 Reliant Way, would build on just over 15 acres of vacant land, creating an enclave with landscaping and shared amenities. San Francisco-based Republic Metropolitan is the project developer.

The disused brownfield site had been used by Union Pacific as a railroad turnaround. The tracks were removed in 1928, and the property has since been undeveloped. Mitigation plans will address that a portion of the lot contains a seasonal wetland.

The Residence @ Napa Junction entrance along Reliant Way, illustration by Macy Architecture

The Residence @ Napa Junction housing overlooking a plaza, illustration by Macy Architecture

The Residence @ Napa Junction residential passageway, illustration by Macy Architecture

The masterplan, designed by Macy Architecture, conforms the courtyard buildings and townhome-style units to the teardrop-shaped property, with a panhandle extending to Napa Junction Road. The masterplan places the amenities and community space in Area D on the northwest corner of the lot because it is within the Napa Airport Land Use plan, which prohibits the construction of housing.

According to the project design narrative, The Residence @ Napa Junction is “conceived according to the principles of traditional, time-tested urbanism; prioritizing walkability and human rather than vehicular, scale.”

The curb-free streets will be designed to be shared by pedestrians, bicycles, and cars, with car and bicycle parking along the streets. Laneways, courtyards, and passageways will be reserved for pedestrian movement. The street network will create two central blocks, each with several structures containing 1 to 4-story buildings designed to appear like individual townhomes.

The Residence @ Napa Junction courtyard upper level, illustration by Macy Architecture

The Residence @ Napa Junction inner lounge amenity space, illustration by Macy Architecture

The Residence @ Napa Junction community Rock Pool, illustration by Macy Architecture

Street-level units will have direct access to the sidewalks through a private front and rear yard. Upper-floor units will have shared courtyards accessible via central stairways. Wrapped around the perimeter of the parcel will be what the plans call the ‘carriage houses,’ each with individual private garages. Their shape provides a direct connection with the site’s historical past as part of the railroad network. They will also insulate the neighborhood from the area’s noises.

Most amenities will be in the Community Center. This will include a clubhouse, poolhouse, childcare center, lap pool, and a rock pool. The two-story clubhouse will offer a fitness center, lounge areas, and flex space. The ground floor will include a chef’s kitchen and adjacent barbeques for outdoor dining.

The Residence @ Napa Junction diagram of a typical courtyard building block,
illustration by Macy Architecture

The Residence @ Napa Junction mid-building cross section to illustrate the cross ventilation and natural lighting, illustration by Macy Architecture

The Residence @ Napa Junction site plan, map by Macy Architecture

1000 Reliant Way approximately outlined by YIMBY, aerial view from Google Satellite

The design of The Residences is largely guided by the Broadway District Specific Plan, which defines acceptable styles as Modern Farmhouse and Modern Industrial. The Farmhouse units have simple gable roof forms and appropriate facade materials. The community center, in contrast, will be clad with corrugated metal and weathered steel panels to represent the Industrial style. The Residences @ Napa Junction is currently undergoing a planning review. A timeline for construction and completion has not yet been established.