Washington Harbour

Washington, D.C.

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Washington Harbour redeveloped the Georgetown waterfront in Washington, D.C., from a combination of industrial uses to a vibrant, mixed-use development that includes major-destination food service, recreation, office, and residential uses. The project provided not only the buildings incorporating those mixed-use functions, but also a waterfront park that features a variety of recreational uses.

The $300 million mixed-use development along the Potomac River, which includes the largest private fountain in Washington, D.C., provides a focus for the riverfront walk and the complex itself. Washington Harbour offers panoramic views of the river and the city from its two buildings surrounding a landscaped plaza and an elliptical fountain. The project contains 441,000 square feet of office space, retail shops, and restaurants, and the luxury condominiums feature a variety of landscaped private terraces and swimming pools.

The award-winning project featured an innovative flood barrier system that seals the occupied portions of the complex from Potomac River flooding, when necessary. Adjacent to the main channel of the Potomac River, the complex includes multi-story underground parking for over 500 cars.

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