Republic Point Richmond

Richmond, CA

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This 5.91-acre site is located in the premier residential neighborhood of Point Richmond, in the City of Richmond. This project will consist of 94 Build-To-Rent townhouses consisting of 2- and 3-bedroom units. The project is located 3.9 miles (a 10-minute drive) away from the San Francisco Bay Ferry Richmond Terminal which takes commuters from Richmond to the City of San Francisco in approximately 30 minutes.

Not only does Point Richmond have a strong sense of community and place due to the Historic District’s small-town feel, but this site also offers immaculate views of the San Francisco Bay, and abundant trails and open space directly adjacent to the property. Point Richmond has been a long-time destination for visitors throughout the Bay Area and surrounding areas due to its restaurants, community amenities and the Historic aspect of the town making it an important part of the broader region.

*All projects for development are expressed at original cost and do not represent fair market value.

Brickyard Cove Rd, Richmond, CA 94801
Project Cost
$80 Million*
Year COmpleted
Projected Q3 2024