Konstantin Voronin

Land Acquisition Director
Republic Urban Properties

Konstantin Voronin is the Land Development Manager at Republic Urban Properties, responsible for processing government entitlements and business plans of the company. Mr. Voronin supports the President and Vice President in all aspects of the creation and development of “smart growth” projects, including acquisition, land development, construction, marketing, leasing, and sales. He also performs financial analysis on major projects, setting and maintaining project budgets for day-to-day needs.

Mr. Voronin is a San Jose State University graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and a minor in Aviation Management. In his senior year of college, he served as the Executive Vice President of Banking and Investment Association (SJSU), managing relationships at all levels and the overall operation of the organization. He was also a part of the Gary J. Sbona Honors Program, which is known to produce top business students at San Jose State University.