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We Create Landmarks

Franklin Mills

Philadelphia, PA

1455 Franklin Mills Circle
Philadelphia, PA 19154

Republic’s Chairman, Richard L. Kramer, was a co-founder of the predecessor company to the Mills Corporation, a self-managed real estate investment trust (REIT) that owned, developed, managed and marketed a portfolio of retail and entertainment destinations.

Mr. Kramer was also a co-general partner in the development of Potomac Mills, Franklin Mills, Sawgrass Mills and Gurnee Mills.

Potomac Mills Mall, the most popular tourist attraction in Virginia, sits about a dozen miles outside of Washington, DC, and is filled with hundreds of brand name stores. The shops represent a broad swath of merchandisers, from clothing outlets to furniture retailers. Potomac Mills offers over 30 in-mall eateries and restaurants that serve everything from Cajun and Italian food to sandwiches and ice cream.